Beitia Livestock Bred for Materinal, Performance, Efficient and Longevity

Guerricabeitia - G. Beitia - Beitia Our Story

The Guerricabeitia, now known as Beitia, family has been raising commercial cattle in Northeastern Nevada for over a century with registered cattle being incorporated in 1997. Since that time our registered cattle summer at the original Guerricabeitia ranch in Charleston, Nevada, with our commercial herd. Our philosophy is that the registered cattle should perform and travel like the commercial herd, so they are turned out on BLM from April to October. We operate both a spring and fall calving herd, to offer clients a variety of ages and genetics. Females not calving in a 75 day calving period or that don't wean 45% of their body weight over three calf crops, fall out of the herd. Because of these measures, the cow herd is very maternal, focusing on fertility, structure, udder quality, actual performance, longevity and efficiency.

All cattle come with a breeding season guarantee. We believe in the cattle sold otherwise they wouldn't be sold. We have an "open gate" policy and welcome visitors.