Beitia Livestock Bred for Maternal, Performance, Efficienct and Longevity

Beitia Ranch

Our Mission Nevada Raised

Our mission is to produce real world cattle that perform in the High Desert and deliver profitability. Registered cattle run with commercial cattle, because they have to work for us to work for our customers. They are Nevada Raised and Bred to perform in our harsh environments - we guarantee it!

Our Program Maternal - Performance - Efficient - Longevity

Maternal - Females are selected based on maternal bloodlines and then by fertility, performance, efficiency and longevity.

Performance - A cow must wean 45% of her body weight to remain in the registered herd over a three year period.

Efficient - Feed conversion on our native range land is our focus. Registered and commercial cattle are ran on High Desert BLM allotments from April through October at 6,300 feet in elevation. From November to March they graze residual native grass pastures.

Longevity - Cows that perform, convert grass and stay in the registered herd are our foundation. It isn't unusual to have a females over 10 years of age still in production. For this reason 80% of our registered cow herd trace to 4 cow families. The Maxines, Nells, Blackcap and Blackcaps!